Concise Collection of Long Loved Children's Silly Songs and Nursery Rhymes
Young Readers


Timeless collection of childhood classics that are sure to make your little one giggle for hours on end all while learning good memorization and concentration skills! 

Includes such classics as:

Itsy Bitsy Spider
Farmer in the Dell
Humpty Dumpty
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
and more!

The beautiful artwork accompanying the collection will keep young readers engaged and wildly entertained as they read about characters that have helped shape the childhoods of countless children all across the globe.

Officer Bad Boy
Educated Black Women = Single 
Advice, Self-Help


Are you a brave, educated black woman who cringes at every report that states, “Half of all black women will never marry?” Do you still whole-heartedly believe in the power of the black family? Have you been single for a year or more without any real prospects? Are you lonely but completely jaded by over saturated online dating applications and random blind dates? Well, get ready to find and keep the love you seek. 

In this highly-regarded, ground-breaking experiment J.A. Fraser makes love possible for the most undervalued person in America, the black woman. Touted as one of the hottest new love formulas on the market, this experiment is designed to land you multiple quality dates, and then, ultimately the "right one". So, don’t be lonely another minute, get started today, and find the one you were destined for. 

No Gimmicks. No Frills. And, no online profiles! *For serious black women only!*

Officer Bad Boy
Pocket Pep Talk: Get Over that Breakup, Today! 
Advice, Self-Help


How long has it been?  Two days?  Two weeks?  Two months?  Years?  A bad break up can leave a taste so nasty in our mouths, we can find it tough to even get out of bed each day.  But, is that any way to live?  If you’re reading this, either you know that it isn’t or you’re hoping to help a close friend or family member see things that way, too.  There aren’t many among us who hasn’t experienced the suffocating cloak of a bad break up at the hands of a jerk, but all misery has to have an expiration date or the fresh fruits of tomorrow will begin to wither and die.  That’s where the Pocket Pep Talk comes in! 


In this text you’ll find words of wisdom, inspiration and insight, encouraging quotes and, best of all, tough love -- all geared towards helping you break the vicious cycle of wallowing in post-relationship misery, hindering the possibility for finding true, lasting happiness.  The information is direct and concise, readily available to give you a good boost to get through your day when those foggy old memories of a deadbeat threaten to derail your happiness!

Emergency Guide: Surviving a Player 
Advice, Self-Help


Tired of being played? Are you mentally exhausted about wondering where your man is? Well, its time to unlock the dirty and misguided secrets of a player. Learn to navigate the treacherous waters of the dating game without losing your sanity. Chock full of timely strategies and tips this guide is written for any jilted heart who is desperate to learn how to pick up the pieces and survive.