Love Blitz
Contemporary Romance 


Since they were 14 years old, they knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. He would be the hotshot star NFL quarterback and she would be the sexy physician making sure he stayed strong and at the ready. After he’s chosen first in the NFL draft, his new manager dumps her for him, over the phone, absolutely shattering her world. 

Ten years later, Malik Cooper, now a Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the New York Kings, suffers a devastating injury that shakes up his whole world.  Dr. Jillian Peters is all grown up and operating a successful medical practice that keeps her busy enough to push the pains of the past, behind her.  Work is her whole world and she avoids watching football, generally pretending that Malik never existed – until his global news making injury forces them both to take stock of their lives.

Malik heads to his hometown, to heal and make some decisions about his future, away from the craziness in the big city. A chance meeting with Jillian, their first since the day she was dumped by his manager, turns both their worlds upside down.  Malik is determined to right his wrongs with Jillian, but she doesn’t believe she’ll ever be able to trust him, again.  Will Malik prove her wrong or is the allure of the fast life too much for the international heartthrob to walk away from?

Officer Bad Boy 
Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance 


Thirty year old management consultant Melissa Franks has a career that’s on fire.  She has a passport filled with stamps to some of the world’s most exotic locations, a wardrobe to die for and a bachelorette pad in one of Washington, D.C.’s trendiest neighborhoods.  But, something she desperately needs is missing and she’s at her wits end about how to get it -- some routine, hot loving. 


She dates, but the guys are either so into themselves they don’t know how to give her the affection she needs or they’re so into her, they can’t keep up with her in the sack, done in by their weak sexual stamina.  She’s in a seemingly endless rut that she’s not sure she’ll ever get out of until she receives an invitation that sends her hurtling towards an unlikely twist of fate.


She reluctantly decides to attend the wedding of an old high school pal and one of her worst fears comes to life, again.  Her friend wants to set her up with a co-worker, a tall, strapping Marine pilot who she believes there’s no way Melissa will be able to resist.  She’s in for the ride of her life when she realizes that 32 year old Colby Roberts is far less an officer and a gentleman than he is a virile man who’s used to having things his way.  Will she be able to tame the savage beast inside Colby Roberts or will she find out she prefers the rough and direct approach that’s sure to please in her new Officer Bad Boy?

The Inconvenient Bride 
Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance 


A one year marriage to her best friend. It was the perfect plan, until he fell in love.


To receive the key to the McCray Empire, 29 year old, hot and single multimillionaire developer Dylan McCray must find a bride before his thirtieth birthday or risk losing everything.  Out of options, and determined to stay attachment free, he forges an improbable arrangement with his best friend of nearly twenty years, Carrie Heights.  It’s the perfect “no strings” marriage. Or, so he thinks.


For 29 year old, school teacher Carrie Heights, the only man that could ever scratch her sexual itch is her best friend, Dylan. The problem is, he doesn't have a clue that she's been secretly yearning for his intimate touch, since she was a teen.  When Dylan begs her to play the part of his bride for a year, Carrie reluctantly agrees, but not before forcing him to agree to her own set of “secret” terms and conditions that she adamantly refuses to announce until their wedding night.


With each seductive glance, erotic touch, and flirtatious gesture, Dylan wonders why his manhood is stirring wildly over his "Inconvenient Bride". He's forced to ask the question: Will their one year marriage end with them still being friends or will he want much more?

The Promise Pact


Contemporary Romance, Erotic 


For true love, he waited nearly 15 years…


Now tempers will flare, zippers will fall and passions will ignite when commitment-phobic, playboy, attorney multimillionaire, Max King gets an unexpected second chance at love.


At seventeen Max King recklessly abandoned his first crush, societal misfit Kaya Hanson, after her first sweet taste of passion.  It’s a memory neither can seem to forget.


Fifteen years later, to fulfill their beloved high school teacher’s dying wish, Kaya, must make a deal with the last man she wants to see, Max King - the man who broke her heart. But, Kaya isn’t the same awkward girl Max left breathless years before. She’s now a successful, confident and sexy nurse who would rather die than spend a moment alone with the most infuriating man from her past.


Forced together for two months, in a romantic city by the sea, they must keep their distance in order to survive. Dodge attachment. Keep things completely platonic.  Don’t fall in love. Sounds

simple, right? Wrong, when you have unfinished business with the one who got away.

Deferred Consumption


Romantic Suspense, Erotic 


A wealthy Russian psycho with revenge on his mind, a ruthless banker with daddy issues and a naïve, Texas oilman make Deferred Consumption a story you won’t soon forget.

Twenty-eight year old investment banker, Heather, finds herself in the middle of the Russian’s evil plot to destroy the United States as the son of a banking giant gives him cover. This, as she tries to maintain her relationship with her tennis star fiancé.

Love, lust, lies, intimidation and heartache abound as Heather faces the toughest decisions of her life!

Deadly Consumption


Romantic Suspense, Erotic



You don't want to miss the sultry, exciting sequel to Deferred Consumption.

A Promise to Remember


Contemporary Romance, Erotic


Add a cup of regret, a pinch of pent-up sexual tension and a heaping spoonful of lust and you just read the first page of the highly-anticipated second installment in the Promise to Love series, A Promise to Remember.  This sizzling page turner, set to be released in the Summer of 2015, finally tells the story of television reporter Angela Bridgeport and multimillionaire Kyle Parker.


Check back often for new details on the release of this steamy installment!

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